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Research Shows No Association Between Morcellator Cancer and Other Potential Contributing Factors

by Keith Adkins | January 14th, 2015

The use of power morcellators during certain medical procedures has come under heavy scrutiny in recent years after it was discovered use of techniques employing the device put patients at risk of spreading undetected cancer. Now, another study has shown there may be no way to know a woman’s risk of developing morcellator cancer prior to undergoing a procedure that utilizes the power morcellator.

Power morcellators are used to grind fibroids and other body tissues down so that they can be removed through a small incision in the body. The technique is less invasive than other procedures, but can release cancerous cells into the body where they can then metastasize.

That’s why, according to the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, researchers reexamined the medical records of 3,523 women who had undergone procedures using the medical device. Of the 941 women who underwent power morcellation as part of a hysterectomy, more than one percent developed sarcomas and parasitic myomas; however, there were no factors that connected the patients who developed cancer other than the use of the power morcellator.

Experts say the findings support patients being warned of the risk factors power morcellation can pose prior to undergoing a medical procedure.

At Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, we know how frustrating it can be to learn your surgical procedure may have put your health at great risk. Help is available for women who’ve been harmed during a medical procedure using a power morcellator. Our Louisiana personal injury attorneys can answer any questions you may have and help get you on the road toward the compensation you deserve. Learn more about how we can assist with your case by calling (866) 897-8495.

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A Few Safety Tips to Help Ensure a Fun Halloween for All

by Keith Adkins | October 30th, 2014

Halloween can be one of the most fun and entertaining holidays of the year for adults and children alike. It can also be one of the most dangerous. Records show thousands of accidents are reported on Halloween in Louisiana each year and a majority of those incidents involve alcohol.

Reports indicate a total of 12 people were killed and another 1,060 were injured as the result of a Louisiana car accident that occurred on Halloween last year. Of those fatalities, seven involved alcohol.

The number of injuries and fatalities that occur on Halloween in Louisiana is even higher if you consider the accidents that don’t involve motor vehicles. That’s why several organizations are offering safety tips to motorists and trick-or-treaters.

An article form KATC 3 News says officials with the Louisiana State Highway Commission are encouraging those partaking in Halloween festivities to designate a driver before leaving home. They add that if you do find yourself intoxicated while out, utilize a taxi or loved one to get home safely.

The Louisiana personal injury attorneys with Dudley DeBosier personal injury lawyers would also urge Trick-or-Treaters to:

  • Use a flashlight or glow stick to be more visible to motorists.
  • Avoid distractions when going door-to-door.
  • Ensure costumes don’t drag to the ground, creating a slip and fall hazard.

We hope these tips help you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween!


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FDA Issues Warnings Regarding Power Morcellator Cancer Risk

by Keith Adkins | October 22nd, 2014

Advancements in medical technology have allowed surgeons to use less invasive techniques when performing procedures on patients; however, the use of certain pieces of equipment and technology could put patients at risk of serious harm.

Morcellator Cancer Risk

Take, for instance, the increased risk of developing certain cancers that’s associated with a device known as a power morcellator. Experts from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration say 1 in every 350 women face a morcellator cancer risk if they undergo a procedure using the device.

The power morcellator is often used in hysterectomy procedures to remove growths known as fibroids. The device can effectively grind the growth’s tissues down to where they can be removed from the body through a small incision in the abdomen, whereas a woman would have to have a much larger incision to remove the fibroids prior to the development of the morcellator.

Channel 4 News reports the problem with the device is that, as it grinds tissue, it can release dormant cancerous cells—called Sarcomas—into other parts of the body. This can lead to a patient developing cancer.

This has prompted the FDA to issue warnings to both doctors and patients about the use of the device. Experts agree the device shouldn’t be used to perform procedures on older women.

What if I’ve Been Harmed by a Power Morcellator Procedure?

For those who’ve developed cancer and believe their condition is the result of the use of a power morcellator during a medical procedure, it’s important to know that help is available. You may have questions regarding your legal rights that need answers and the Louisiana personal injury attorneys with Dudley DeBosier injury lawyers are here to assist you. Call us today at (866) 897-8495 to speak with a member of our legal team.

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The Details You Need to Know About Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

by Keith Adkins | October 15th, 2014

When a person suffers an injury or an illness, complications can sometimes arise that compound the severity of the original condition. One of the worst of these complications that can arise is Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, also known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

RSD is a chronic disorder that not only causes the victim to suffer an uncomfortable, burning sensation in their skin, but also swelling and inflammation of the limbs. Many RSD sufferers develop the condition shortly after a traumatic accident and there is no known cure.

Development of RSD

The Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association says the disorder manifests itself in two stages, with the first signs of RSD being muscles spasms, joint pain, and burning of the skin. These symptoms may last for around three months before the condition progresses.

Patients with Stage 2 RSD will experience increasing pain in the muscle and joints, but will also notice slowing hair growth, brittle nails, and a softening of the bones. Atrophied muscles and contortion of the limbs are also common in the final stage of RSD.

What Can You Do?

Again, there’s currently no cure for RSD; however, treatments have been developed that can improve patients’ quality of life. These treatments can be expensive though, which is why having a Louisiana personal injury lawyer by your side after being diagnosed with the condition may be wise.

The legal team from Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers explain an attorney will not only be able to help keep you informed of your legal rights at all times, but they can also help you with the filing of any paperwork that is necessary to receive the compensation you deserve for your condition. Call us today at (866) 897-8495 to learn more about how we can help you.

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Controversy Swirls Around Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Benefits

by Keith Adkins | August 13th, 2014

When an employee is injured on the job in Louisiana, they may be entitled to collect Louisiana workers’ compensation benefits. These awards are based off an employee’s annual earnings, which has stirred quite a controversy among players with the National Football League’s (NFL) New Orleans Saints.

Current law uses future earnings as well as year-to-date earnings to determine how much money an injured worker should receive when collecting workers’ compensation benefits. An article from Sports Illustrated explains a new bill, HB 1069, would base workers’ compensation award figures on year-to-date earnings only.

This could make a large difference in the amount injured workers receive from workers’ compensation. It would significantly impact athletes in particular because only portions of athletes’ contractual earnings are guaranteed and are not paid all at once.

The change comes at a very controversial time, as the NFL currently has disputes with players over prevention, treatment, and compensation for injuries. The organization recently reached a multimillion dollar settlement with a group of players who alleged the league didn’t properly warn them of the dangers multiple traumatic brain injuries could have on their long-term health.

While Saints officials have stated changes to the law wouldn’t have an effect on players due to the current bargaining agreement in place, many are still calling for the bill to be shot down.

At Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, our Baton Rouge personal injury attorneys believe all workers should receive fair compensation when they’re hurt on the job, regardless of what their job is. We hope the legislature considers the best interests of all residents of Louisiana when making a decision on HB 1069.

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Workout Supplement Ingredient DMAA Linked to Liver Failure

by Keith Adkins | July 30th, 2014

Using dietary supplements can be an effective way to reach your fitness goals, but using certain versions of these products may be putting your health at risk. In fact, researchers at the University of Kentucky in Lexington (UK) have linked liver failure to the use of a particular ingredient in some workout supplements.

Dimethylamylamine—otherwise known as DMAA—is an amphetamine derivative that is used to increase energy and metabolism. In the case UK researchers noted in the May issue of the journal of Gastroenterology, DMAA has been linked to the liver failure of at least one woman.

An article from FOX News states the victim took three workout supplement pills which contained DMAA over a two-day period. Within weeks, she had developed jaundice and liver failure. As her condition deteriorated, doctors determined the only way to save her life was an organ transplant.

While researchers concede the woman was taking other medications and they are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the woman’s condition, the correlation between DMAA and cases of heart attacks, deaths, and other health problems linked to the ingredient led to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration launching a voluntary recall of products containing it.

So what can you do to stay safe from the dangers of DMAA? The Louisiana personal injury attorneys with Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers suggest refraining from using any type of workout or dietary supplement that is not recommended by your doctor.

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Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers Awards $10,000 in Scholarships

by Dudley Debosier | June 27th, 2014

Dudley DeBosier is proud to announce the winners of this year’s scholarship program. The firm awarded $10,000 in scholarships to nine recipients.

Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers decided to create this scholarship program in order to recognize and honor high school seniors who have overcome challenges and obstacles in the pursuit of a college education. High school seniors were encouraged to enter the Essay Competition by writing an essay detailing the challenges they have faced in their lives and how they overcame them or the Public Service Announcement Competition by submitting a video about the dangers of texting and driving or drinking and driving. Winners were chosen based on academic performance, quality of writing or video submission, and demonstration of financial need. Eight $1,000 scholarships were awarded to the winners of the Essay Competition. The winner of the Public Service Announcement Competition received a $2,000 scholarship.

The large number of qualified entrants made this year’s selection process a tough one. Chad Dudley, a partner of Dudley DeBosier stated, “Each year we get more and more applications, and each year it gets tougher to select winners. We have some great winners this year, and I have no doubt that they will find success in their future endeavors. We are just happy to give them some encouragement on that journey.”

The scholarship recipients were honored at the annual Dudley DeBosier Scholarship Luncheon on Friday, May 23 at Juban’s restaurant. The winners are listed below in alphabetical order:

Victoria Arnold                                               St. Amant High School, St. Amant

Kaylee Boaz                                                    Belle Chasse High School, Belle Chasse

Arnesia Cador                                                 Glen Oaks High School, Baton Rouge

Michael Favorite, Jr.                                       Donaldsonville High School, Donaldsonville

Margarite LaBorde                                         Port Allen High School, Port Allen

Rayneisha Maiden                                          Scotlandville Magnet High School, Baton Rouge

Naadia West                                                   Airline High School, Bossier City

Joseph Williams, IV                                        East St. John High School, LaPlace

Rachel Lee Prestwood            (P.S.A. Winner)         C.E. Byrd High School, Shreveport

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How A Lawyer Filing Your Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Claim Will Help

by Keith Adkins | June 25th, 2014

When a worker is injured in The Pelican State, they may be entitled to receive Louisiana workers’ compensation benefits; however, the processes to receive such an award can often become bogged down in the legal system because of disputes between the victim and the insurer.

This common situation was highlighted in a recent Louisiana workers’ compensation case that went before the state Court of Appeals. The worker claimed a brain aneurysm he suffered from was directly related to a work accident, while the employer and their insurer argued too much time had passed between the initial accident and the aneurysm’s diagnosis for the two to be connected.

Business Insurance reports that several neurosurgeons examined the victim and determined that his condition is one that develops slowly over time. Furthermore, while there is no direct link between the accident and the aneurysm, it is plausible that the two are connected.

The decision resulted in the injured worker receiving the benefits he was seeking.

The struggles this worker face only underscores the importance of having quality legal representation by your side through each step of the Louisiana workers’ compensation application process.

At Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, our Louisiana personal injury attorneys can help answer any questions who have as they help you navigate the Louisiana workers’ compensation system. So call us today at (866) 897-8495 to discuss your need for benefits.

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FDA Announces Recall of Defective Medical Device

by Keith Adkins | June 18th, 2014

The United States has access to some of the most advanced medications and medical devices that are available today; however, sometimes these products can have defects that can cause serious harm to the patient who uses them.

Such a case of a defective medical device came up recently when the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the launch of a voluntary recall affecting NaturaLyte liquid bicarbonate concentrate. The product—which is typically used by dialysis patients—was found to contain unsafe levels of a specific bacterium.

Nephrology News reports came to light in April when several lots of the product were found to contain Halmonas, a bacteria that thrives in water containing high levels of salt. Some of the patients who used the contaminated product became infected, leading to several fatalities and other patients becoming severely ill.

So what actions should patients who are in possession of the affected product should take? The FDA suggests halting its use immediately. Also, if the product is already in a dialysis machine, the equipment should be emptied and disinfected.

If you or a loved one have become ill after using the product, it may be wise to seek legal representation. At Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, our team of Louisiana personal injury attorneys can help guide you through the steps that are necessary to receive compensation for your injury or illness. So call us today at any time to discuss your situation and how we can help.


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Rule Changes Address Risks Associated With Using Soft Infant Carriers

by Keith Adkins | June 4th, 2014

Infant carriers can be a great way for parents to keep their child close to them while still allowing their hands to be free to do other things. However, these products have been associated with several serious child injuries and fatalities over the years. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), there have been approximately 125 such incidents reported from 1999 to 2013.

To help prevent these carriers from being considered a defective product, the CPSC recently enacted reforms to the safety standards that oversee the production and use of these devices. The move was made in a unanimous vote that was taken this past March.

A press release explains The Danny Keysar Child Product Safety Notification Act will address issues and risks with the carriers that include infant falls as well as manufacturing and design errors.

Carriers that are covered under the new standards include any product that is made of sewn fabric and designed to hold a child the size of a full-term infant to toddler. Slings and framed carriers will not be covered under the new standards.

At Dudley DeBosier Injury Lawyers, our team of Baton Rouge personal injury lawyers have seen the hazards involved in using a defective product and are hopeful the regulation reforms that were recently made will work to better protect children living here Louisiana and across the United States.


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